London Paint Club

Caroline Thomson
Born in 1976 in Norwich, UK | Lives and works in London, UK

Caroline Thomson creates paintings of figures, specifically children, immersed within a landscape. They are absorbed within their own world. Ideas around childhood, the nature of imagination and memory are entangled in these enchanted spaces, where the children are the protagonists of their own making. Thomson draws on the rich artistic and literary history of woodland and forests which act as a metaphor for retreat, transformation or the unknown to create psychologically charged paintings. The works range in scale from small, intimate works to larger, more immersive paintings. Drawn from personal photographs the paintings emerge from thin washes of oil paint combined with a rhythmic calligraphic line, allowing light and colour to create atmosphere. As the paintings evolve, they transcend their photographic origins and allow notions of time and memory to become embedded within the layer of paint.

Behind the Visible World, 2022
Oil on linen
51 x 41 cm

Nature Spirit Army III, 2022
Oil on cradled wood panel
51 x 41 cm

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