London Paint Club

Sina-Sophia Schmidt
Born 2000 in Duisburg, Germany | Lives and works in London, UK

“Things build up, momentum increases and then gets wiped out. Empty spaces leave silence before they are covered and fall back into recreational chaos.”

Composing layers of paintings that build up on top of one another, the works have a deep history underneath them. Sina’s work explores impermanence, the fleeting nature of everything in existence. Here, the practice of painting exemplifies the ravenous forces of life that push and pull, create and destroy. The death of an old image gives birth to the next one. Within Sina’s practice, painting is an attempt to create a physical constellation of the transient, the invisible that is slightly out of reach but we know is there. Stability is a dream, we can reach for it but we can never hold it. What’s left for us is the ability to find comfort and freedom in the futility of attempting, and allow this act to stand on its own legs.

There was a hole in my tire, the accumulation of ominous prophecies come to life, 2020
Oil and yarn on canvas
130 x 99 cm

Work Enquiry