London Paint Club

Juliette Berkeley
Born 1979 in Paris, France | Lives and works in London, UK

Juliette Berkeley explores the beauty of human nature and the pain within it. She uses inherited artefacts, self-portraiture and personal photographs to explore memory as a starting point and incorporate observational drawing and painting to develop compositions. Inspired by poetry and dreams she utilises the language of memory to examine the fundamental themes of loss, love and grief.

Papoose, 2022
54 x 60 cm
Oil on canvas

Crow and Mamie, 2022
Oil on canvas
53 x 62 cm

Mamie, 2022
Ink on paper
45 x 33 cm

Juliette Berkeley, I Will Lie by Your Side Like the Sunday Roast, 2022
59 x 69 cm
Oil on canvas

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