London Paint Club

Una d'Aragona
Born in London UK | Lives and works in Cornwall, UK

Una d’Aragona’s paintings explore the collective and personal subconscious. She is fascinated by the human condition and the contradictions between existential pain and the human capacity for joy. d’Aragona’s process incorporates the application and erasure of paint in a slippery fashion that mimics the ephemeral qualities of the mind while dreaming or in imaginative states. Her lyrical and dynamic work invites the viewer into an unknown world, challenging expectations of a predictable ride with the use of fragmentation and distortion of limbs, faces and space. This conflict reflects the dichotomy of our times; the splits and gaps in the outer and inner worlds; structural collapse versus seemingly solid institutions; the cracks between the ideal, best self and the imperfect reality. 

Tether, 2022
Oil on wood panel
45 x 35 cm

Judith's Sister, 2022
Oil on canvas
100 x 70 cm

Melting Mountain, 2022
120 x 90 cm
Oil on canvas

Work Enquiry