London Paint Club

CW Landon
Born 1990 in Mount Eden, New Zealand | Lives and works in London, UK

“I found it really fascinating that architecture has the capacity to shift and move our sense of self. It made me begin to question our individual identity. I wanted to rebel against identity signalling through the decisions I made in my paintings and the spaces that I go to.”

CW Landon looks to shared experiences, immersion in our environment and poetry to provide new ways of thinking about human behaviour in today’s society. Landon incorporates geometric abstractions to explore different architectural spaces and absorb the embedded attitudes of our collective trauma, inward energy and human psyche in his work.

Which, 2021
61.5 x 78.5 cm
Oil on canvas

Study of Laocoon In The Sun, 2021
28 x 28.4 cm
Watercolour on museum board

 Untitled 7, 2021
25 x 18 cm
Oil on canvas

Work Enquiry