London Paint Club

Emma Labattaglia
Born 1980 in Melbourne, AUS | Lives and works in St Andrews Beach, AUS

“I always try to get back to the child’s mentality without overthinking. The best art for me is children’s art before they get to an age when they care and start thinking about it. I want to get back to a point of un-teaching myself how to paint, and trying to be freer with the work.”

Emma Labattaglia finds personal freedom in going back to her roots as an abstract painter after a successful illustration career and mother raising small children. Labattaglia works in small collages to intuitively find a freer, childlike mentality that is unrestrained or concerned for how her work will be judged. Expressing her sense of humour through the titles of her works, Labattaglia’s voice is represented in a semi rebellious ownership of her time as an artist and the personal struggles she has faced with fitting into the conformities of a synthetic world. 

I don't believe your smile but that's ok, 2022
Oil and oil stick on linen
40 x 50 cm

Would you like to go for a swim just kidding, 2022
Oil paint and oil stick on canvas
60 x 75 cm

I really enjoy not talking if you want to come over, 2022
Oil and oil stick on linen
40 x 50 cm

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