London Paint Club

Hidetaka Suzuki
Born 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan | Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

“I want the paintings to be able to take on multiple meanings. I draw from a specific image but I want the meaning to remain as abstract as possible.”

Hidetaka Suzuki paints an array of topics ranging from food, portraits, random objects and scenes that he discovers online. After collecting images on a daily basis and building up an archive, Suzuki intuitively is drawn to objects or scenarios that have an uneasy, human and stimulating quality to them. Often the images are manipulated digitally to remove any context or redundant information, abstracting the original meaning. Suzuki contemplates the circulation and perception of images online, and how they are translated through the painting and documentation process. 

Marker, 2021
Oil on canvas
162 x 130 cm

Advertising, 2021
Oil on canvas
116.7 × 91 cm

Orthrus, 2022
Oil on canvas
31.8 × 41 cm

Hidetaka Suzuki, Flower, 2020, Oil on canvas, 72.7 x 91 cm, £1,500, © The Artist

Flower, 2020
Oil on canvas
72.7 x 91 cm

Diff, 2020
Oil on canvas
116.7 x 91 cm

Hidetaka Suzuki, Stabilize, 2021, Oil on canvas, 116.7 x 72.7 cm, £2,600, © The Artist

Stabilize, 2021
Oil on canvas
116.7 x 72.7 cm

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