London Paint Club

Jen Gash
Born 1972 in Gravesend, Kent | Lives and works in South Gloucestershire, UK

“The earthiness, depth and links with nature just came out with ease. I’ve been searching for that for a long time. The connection between people and our relationships with Earth has become really important to me over the last five years.”

Jen Gash paints earthy, fluid, abstract paintings that explore subconscious figurative motifs that emerge from the healing nature of the painting process. Gash draws connections between her experiences as an artist and therapy practice. Gash practices releasing tension through an experimental painting process that incorporates pouring, splattering, dripping, removing and wiping paint. Through moments of reflection and sitting with the work, Gash’s paintings resonate with natural tones. Animals and people emerge in the works, bringing an awareness to our relationship with the planet, as well as the subsequent fluid nature of the human mind, our ideas and consciousness. 

Revolve, 2022
Oil on paper on board
74 x 64 cm

Binding, 2022
Oil on paper on board
68 x 79 cm

Sun dog over red run, 2022
Oil on paper on board
77 x 73 cm

Work Enquiry