London Paint Club

Jessica Slater
Born 1985 | Lives and works in Cornwall, UK

Jessica Slater creates lyrical paintings that combine gestural brushstrokes and translucent colour with botanical motifs. Slater incorporates her extensive photographic archive of the Costa Rican jungle in collaged elements of fans and figurines. She manipulates elements in nature that already appear abstract, such as the scales of reptilians or structural qualities of foliage. These patterns mimic the neurological pathways that develop in the formative years of childhood, drawing a link between the act of painting, nature, human psychology and the subconscious.

Kombu, 2021
Oil, acrylic pen, collage on panel
62.5 x 74.5 cm

Chameleon, 2021
Oil, collage on panel
62 x 47 cm

Iguana Nights, 2021
Oil, acrylic pen, collage on canvas
190 x 160 cm

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