Long Huang
Born 1994 in Beijing, China | Lives and work in London, UK

“My work is eager to imagine and reshape what is known or unknown.” Huang’s motivation to create is triggered by subconscious choices like a certain detail in an image, the posture of a character or a fleeting moment. The formal qualities of his work can be classified as characters with improved movement and rhythm. Huang sees painting as a “poetic, self-fulfilling process that is also a strong expression of melancholic emotion, a constant feeling of absence, and a desire for presence”.

Collision Sunset, 2021
Oil on canvas
80 x 97 cm

Leak Marks, 2021
Oil on canvas
110 x 130 cm

Luv is sic until you kiss me more, 2021
Oil on canvas
97 x 100 cm

Work Enquiry