London Paint Club

Sarah Grant
Born 1977 in Leeds, UK | Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland

“In my daily meditation practice I started to yearn for open space and nature, which led me to paint the mountain scenes. I’m drawn to the idea of the mind being like the sky. It allows you to think of your mind as something you can watch on a daily basis.”

Sarah Grant applies thick, loose and neutral toned paint on small sized canvases to create works in series that fluctuate between minimal and illustrative mark making. Grant works with themes surrounding nature, the impermanence of life and memory construction through an investigation into the fleeting, universal moments captured through photography. Influenced by her work in art therapy and Buddhism, Grant incorporates ideas surrounding the mapping of thought, the vast expansion of the mind and consciousness. Lately, Grant has been drawn towards representing these ideas in metaphorical motifs such as mountainous landscapes, skiing scenes, quiet streets and empty roads. 

Best Ski aesthetic, 2022
Oil on board
18 x 23 cm

End of the Season, 2021
Oil on board
20 x 23 cm

Where to stay while you ride, 2022
Oil on board
18 x 18 cm

Work Enquiry