London Paint Club

Sylvia Radford
Born 1964 in Bangkok, Thailand | Lives and works in Chichester, UK

Sylvia Radford’s work engages with notions of belonging, highlighting an emotional content beyond what the eye perceives in the physical image. As a biracial British-Singapore Chinese artist, she meshes her varied life experiences, exploring the feeling of cultural ambiguity and ‘othering’ that arises from being caught between worlds. Her subject matter engages generational inheritance, globalisation, and her experience of cultural osmosis in forging a hybrid identity. She develops ‘portraits’ that capture the strangeness and fragments of a remembered subjectivity, framed around the unreliability of memory. The re-telling distances us further from objective truth. She is interested in the familiarity of family photographs and exploring appropriation of imagery and its re-contextualisation. In shifting and reframing the imagery, she takes ownership of the narrative.

Burning Bright, 2022
Oil on canvas
76 x 91 cm

After the Rain, 2022
Acrylic and Oil on canvas
61 x 76 cm

Park Run, 2022
Oil on canvas
61 x 51 cm

Work Enquiry