London Paint Club

Tweety Shiwen Wang
Born 1995 in Shanghai, China | Lives and works in London, UK

Tweety Shiwen Wang’s paintings are concerned with the concept of dusk as an ominous, empty space. The work creates an atmosphere of hidden cues that explore the mysterious nature of imagination. The artist views the gap between dusk and night as a space where human and “non-human” life blend together. Her delicate application of thin washes of paint allows individual colours to flow into one another with a translucent luminous quality. The use of muted tones in a limited palette of earthy greens, beiges and purples, evokes a more ominous sentiment, namely that of nostalgia. It is a nostalgia for something that cannot be expressed with words.

Stage #2, 2022
Oil on canvas
80 x 100 cm

Midas Touch, 2022
Oil on canvas
45 x 90 cm

Quiet As A Mouse, 2022
Oil on canvas
30 x 90 cm

Work Enquiry