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Catherine Long
Born 1982 in Birmingham, UK
Lives and works in London, UK

Catherine Long (b. 1982) in Birmingham, UK, is an abstract painter whose work is driven by a deep engagement with the physicality of paint and the expressive potential of colour. Drawing from her background in contemporary dance, Long’s paintings are immersive and dynamic, exploring the visceral impact of gesture, rhythm and haptic sensation.

By foregrounding the embodied experience of perception, Long’s work seeks to create a sensorial engagement that draws the viewer into a richly layered world of history, patina and resonance.

Central to Long’s practice is the exploration of how colour can evoke sensation, affect and mood. Her large-scale paintings are marked by a bold use of colour and a tactile, gestural application of paint that seeks to convey the rawness and sensuality of bodily experience. Through her work, Long engages with the process of layering, building up and erasing marks to create complex compositions that invite the viewer to participate in the process of meaning-making. Long’s paintings are thus a testament to the power of colour, gesture and sensation to evoke deep emotion and meaning.

Long’s extensive education in both dance and fine art has provided her with a unique perspective on the relationship between the body, movement and image-making. She holds a BA and MA in Dance from De Montfort University, and a PhD in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. Her work has been exhibited widely, including at the ICA, Beaconsfield, The Showroom, Deptford X and Art Licks, and she has undertaken residencies at Chisenhale Studios, Siobhan Davies Studios and Pada Studios.

Selected Works

The warmth of your body held me through the days, 2022
Oil, oil pastel, oil bar and china marker on canvas
170 x 140 cm

Anatomy of desire, 2022
Oil, pigment and oil bar on canvas
195 x 155 cm

I have seen death's disguise, 2022
Oil and oil bar on canvas
195 x 155 cm

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