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Claudiu Ciobanu
Born in 1984
Lives and works in Iasi, Romania

Claudiu Ciobanu (b. 1984; lives and works in Iasi, Romania) who uses personal photography and allegorical imagery to explore the human condition and contemporary issues like climate change, technology, and post-humanism.

In his works, Ciobanu often hides the identity of his characters, inviting viewers to reflect on their own relationship to the world around them. His characters, whether camouflaged by plants, mirrors, or astronaut helmets, seem to be searching for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.

With his recent projects, Ciobanu seeks to communicate the urgency of our current moment and offer a message about the state of the world today. Through his use of vivid colours, composition, and symbolism, he presents a compelling overview of the present, exploring themes such as human memory, communication limits, and possible future scenarios. He also invites viewers to consider alternative social models and post-humanist philosophy.

Ultimately, Ciobanu’s paintings serve as an invitation to contemplate and question our understanding of reality. Through his works, he challenges viewers to think about the future and how we can protect and preserve this wonderful world for future generations.

Ciobanu studied painting through the Erasmus program at the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain where he discovered experimental painting and drawing techniques. The studies in Spain were completed with a drawing exhibition project which was later selected in 2009 for the Young Romanian Art 10 exhibition, “Slightly bored”, curated by Mircea Nicolae at Galeria Nouă, ICR, Venice. He participated in various projects both national and international, being present in exhibitions in Israel, Washington, Berlin, Vienna.

Selected Works

Gloria Mundi, 2022
Oil on canvas
140 x 180 cm

Alter Ego, 2022
Oil on canvas
100 x 120 cm

Fiat Lux 1, 2022
Oil on canvas
100 x 120 cm

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