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Jasminka Letzas
Born 1972 in Berlin, Germany
Lives and works in London, UK

Jasminka Letzas, a Berlin-born artist who graduated from Central Saint Martins and later completed the Turps Banana Painting Programme (2019-2022) in London, has garnered attention for her unique approach to painting, which blends her background in film and moving image with her love for the medium of paint.

Over the past decade, Letzas has created paintings that evoke the spirit of filmmakers such as Dario Argento and Juraj Herz, imbuing her work with a sense of ambiguity and psychological complexity that draws the viewer in and leaves them questioning the nature of their own reality.

At the heart of Letzas’ work is a profound questioning of anthropocentrism, as she seeks to break down the boundaries between the human and non-human worlds. Her paintings challenge our assumptions about what it means to be alive, and encourage us to look at the world around us with fresh eyes. In her compositions, broken up marks and dense layers of paint create a sense of tension and emotional depth, inviting the viewer to contemplate the complex relationships between the figures and objects within the frame.

Through her use of chromatic language, Letzas imbues her work with a sense of dark humor that is at once both warm and empathetic. As one gazes upon her canvases, one can’t help but feel drawn into a world that is at once familiar and unsettling, a place where the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred, and the only constant is the emotional charge that permeates every inch of the canvas. Ultimately, Letzas’ work reminds us that art has the power to challenge our assumptions about the world and ourselves, and encourages us to embrace the unknown with open hearts and minds.

Selected Works

At the Heart of the Cabbage, 2023
Oil on canvas
122 x 92 cm

Quality Times III, 2022
Oil on canvas
35 x 50 cm

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