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John Paul Kesling
Born 1980 in Kentucky, USA
Lives and works in Nashville, TN, USA

John Paul Kesling (b. 1980, Kentucky, USA) is a painter whose practice delves into the complexities of human intimacy and connection. Driven by a need to understand the world around him, Kesling’s paintings serve as a visual exploration of the emotional and psychological intricacies of intimate relationships.

His work is imbued with a deep sense of nostalgia, harking back to the excitement and vulnerability of new romantic connections, while also reflecting on the lack of intimacy experienced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kesling’s “kissing” paintings are a poignant embodiment of his artistic vision, capturing the raw emotion and passion of human connection. His use of richly textured brushstrokes and bold colors imbue his works with a sense of immediacy, while his choice of subject matter speaks to a broader societal moment of isolation and disconnection. Through his art, Kesling seeks to explore the complexities of intimacy and human connection, examining the ways in which past experiences inform our present interactions, and the ways in which we navigate the obstacles that stand in the way of genuine emotional connection.

At the heart of Kesling’s work lies a deep understanding of the power of art to evoke emotions and provoke thought. His paintings are a testament to the profound role that art can play in helping us to make sense of our world, to connect with one another on a deeper level, and to navigate the complexities of the human experience. Through his art, Kesling invites us to confront our own fears, doubts, and hopes, and to explore the many layers of emotion and experience that make us human.

Selected Work

Kiss Of Life, 2022, Mixed media on canvas, 91.44 x 121.92 cm

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