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Lexia Hachtmann
Born 1993 in Berlin, Germany
Lives and works in London, UK

Lexia Hachtmann (b. 1993 in Berlin) is a figurative painter currently based in London. Her work revolves around social issues of belonging, language, identity, and hierarchy. Through her use of ambiguous objects and gestures, Hachtmann creates banal yet unsettling situations on the canvas.

The figures in her paintings are placed in stage-like off-spaces, which aim to create tensions between line and colour, with figuration serving as a vehicle to express her intentions. The close-up framing of the figures in the paintings heightens the perception of uncomfortable intimacy and is further emphasised by her use of colour.

In her work “Tiger,” Hachtmann explores the relationship between the figures in the composition and the objects they hold. The soft toy tiger is held firmly and rigidly by strong hands, while the busts of the figures transcend into the background of the canvas. The smiling figure in the top left corner appears as an uncanny intruder, prompting the viewer to question who is holding whom in place. This tension between the figures and the objects they hold speaks to the larger themes present in Hachtmann’s work, specifically the sense of displacement and longing that is pervasive throughout her oeuvre.

Hachtmann’s use of colour further reinforces the emotional depth of her work. In “where goes the night,” the yellow tears crawling down the pastel body highlight the sense of anxiety and displacement present in the piece. Through her paintings, Hachtmann invites the viewer to engage with the complexities of the human experience and contemplate the intricacies of personal and cultural identity.

Selected Works

where goes the night, 2023
Oil on linen
55 x 65 cm

Tiger, 2023
Oil on linen
65 x 55 cm

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