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Luis Glavez
Born 1986 in Michoacan, Mexico
Lives and works in Chicago, IL

Luis Rafael Galvez (b. 1986, Michoacan, Mexico) is an artist based in Chicago, IL whose work explores the intersection between personal narrative and cultural identity. Galvez’s paintings offer a multifaceted perspective that challenges cultural hierarchies and reflects upon the ways in which cultural differences can lead to a sense of dislocation and disorientation.

Through his art, Galvez presents a series of literary vignettes that blur the line between the imaginary and the factual, offering a vision that is both deeply personal and informed by the lost-in-translation nature of postmodernism.

Galvez’s paintings feature figures painted in a neoclassical style, with exaggerated and otherworldly anatomy that creates a glimpse into a cinematic fantasy. By blending different styles and techniques, Galvez seeks to offer a fresh perspective on cultural identity and the ways in which it can be constructed and deconstructed. His work is marked by a deep sincerity that is tempered by a sense of irony, allowing the viewer to navigate the complex relationship between cultural identity and personal experience.

Through his art, Galvez seeks to create a space where cultural hierarchies are levelled, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of the ways in which cultural identity can shape personal experience. By embracing the strange and surreal, Galvez offers a unique perspective on the familiar, inviting the viewer to engage with the complexity of cultural identity in a postmodern world. His paintings offer a glimpse into a world where the imaginary is just as real as the factual, allowing for a deeper exploration of the intersections between personal experience, cultural identity, and the ways in which they shape our understanding of the world around us.

Selected Works

Bad Fruit, Sunday, 2022
Oil on canvas
101.6 x 111.76 cm

Baby Panther, 2023
Oil on canvas
121.92 x 127 cm

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