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Luna Sue Huang
Born 1998 in China
Lives and works in London, UK

Luna Sue Huang, a contemporary artist based in London, explores the intersection of synesthesia and mental health struggles through her deeply personal artwork. Born in China in 1998, Huang draws inspiration from the rhythm, balance, and color of ancient Chinese poetry to create visually striking works that express common human emotions.

Huang’s art is a reflection of her experiences with synesthesia and hallucinations, which have greatly influenced her artistic approach. Her works aim to not only validate the feelings of others but also serve as a form of self-reflection. By blending sensory elements such as touch and hearing into her artwork, Huang creates a multi-dimensional experience for her viewers.

Through her art, Huang seeks to connect with the outside world and promote self-healing. Her works are inspired by Eastern philosophy and poetically depict emotions such as longing, fear, and gratitude for life. Huang believes that everything is fluid and transitory, and her artwork serves as a reminder that we are all connected and that we should strive to live and improve despite the obstacles we face.

Overall, Huang’s art serves as a powerful tool for communication and healing. By sharing her personal experiences, she hopes to inspire others to embrace their struggles and find the strength to overcome them.

Selected Works

Falling Birds, 2022
Oil on panel
51 x 41 cm

Casa Independente, 2023
Oil on panel
50 x 40 cm

Jungle, 2022
Oil, pastel on panel
20 x 15 cm

All sales proceeds go directly to the artist.

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