Daniel Arteaga Polania
Born 1993 in Cali, Colombia
Lives and work in London, UK

Daniel Arteaga is an artist who was born in Cali, Colombia in 1993, and currently lives and works in London, UK. Fragilely navigating his condition as an individual in constant migration, a wanderer in a society of which he seems not to be a part, and a citizen of a borrowed city, Arteaga is driven by his search for connections.

He focuses on constructing an analogy of the image as a mechanical device of visual relation with the adjacent world.

Through the use of airbrushes and base print colours to layer atmospheric themes, his paintings evoke the blurriness and flatness of screens in contemporary times. By creating tension between the elements that underlie the social construct, such as place, provenance, and essence, Arteaga’s work invites viewers to reflect on the meaning of identity and the search for truth.

His research focuses on ways to represent the truth inherent in every kind of thing, by extracting what seems to have been stripped of all dignity and attention and reconstructing his routes in the desire to form an identity. By exploring the tensions between social constructs and personal identity, Arteaga’s work invites us to reflect on our own relationships with the world around us and our place within it.

Through his art, Arteaga encourages us to consider the possibilities of constructing new meanings and narratives, and to find new connections with the world around us. His work invites us to question the boundaries that divide us, and to imagine new ways of relating to one another and the world around us. By pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic practices, Arteaga’s work encourages us to think beyond the constraints of convention and explore new ways of seeing and experiencing the world.

Selected Works

Untitled, 2022
Airbrushed ink on canvas
50 x 68 cm

Hombre solo, 2022
Acrylic ink on canvas
104 x 105 cm

Untitled’ 34, 2022
Airbrushed ink on canvas
70 x 55 cm

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