London Paint Club

Inside the Studio:

Marc Prats

Marc Prats: a beacon in contemporary art, fusing the digital age’s essence with timeless artistry. Drawing from a rich art history, Prats invites us into a dialogue shaped by technology and society. Childhood games and lifelong tech immersion leave their mark on his canvas, merging personal photos with found images to mirror our fragmented digital lives. His innovative techniques—from masking tape to orbital sanders—defy stagnation. Intriguingly, his significant nearsightedness gifts us an altered visual perspective, making his works deeply personal yet universally resonant. Rooted in academic arts, Prats’ touch remains authentic amidst avant-garde brilliance. Dive into his realm of depth, intricacy, and perception. 

Produced by London Paint Club
Filmed and Edited by Hubert Wigier

Work Enquiry