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London Paint Club is a platform and community for contemporary painting. We host Online and Popup Exhibitions in London, publish print Catalogues and promote noteworthy exhibitions focused on Contemporary Painting.

Connecting Galleries, Collectors + Artists

London Paint Club is a unique platform that works with galleries to promote Contemporary Painting at large. We curate listings of the best exhibitions from Blue Chip galleries to young, emerging and hidden gems throughout the city.

By working with galleries, our audience is comprised of collectors and industry professionals who are engaged in contemporary art. We provide high quality information by curating our take on the best listings, artists to watch, and what to collect. Every week we update our Exhibition Guide with new listings and artists to discover. 

A New Way to Be Discovered

With so many platforms, Instagram accounts, popup galleries and websites to sell your work – it can feel overwhelming to find the right strategy and tools to have your work seen. We help make the process simple and refined by providing you access to new opportunities on a regular basis and exposure through our global community on social media. Unlike other galleries, we welcome submissions and want to discover unknown artists, yet we still remain selective by curating exhibitions with artworks based on merit and talent – not connections. 

Created by Artists

London Paint Club originated with the idea of creating a community of painters in London. In March, 2020 – at the beginning of a global pandemic, London Paint Club was launched on Instagram, as a way to create a digital platform and continue promoting emerging art and galleries which could not be seen any other way.

The founder, Kelly Foster – an artist and foreigner to London was struggling to find a way to connect with fellow artists and get exposure for her artwork during this immensely difficult time. Using the power of social media – London Paint Club was formed as a way to network with artists and galleries, host exhibitions online and truly create a community of artists and people passionate about painting. 

Over 170+ Artists Exhibited

Since our launch in 2020, we have exhibited over 170+ artists in our online exhibitions from around the globe. Even though we are based in London – we are a uniquely international platform with artists applying from all around the world to exhibit with us. We have created personal relationships with our artists that we discovered in the very first online Open Call who have gone on to exhibit in our popup exhibition and become recognised in London. 

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