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London Paint Club specialises in showcasing Contemporary Painting from around the world. We’ve exhibited over 170+ artists from across the globe in our Online and Popup Exhibitions in London.

Have your work featured in our online viewing room and get discovered by contemporary art enthusiasts, gallerists, curators and collectors. By joining the London Paint Club community, you are getting exposure for your work and have opportunities to grow your practice and be discovered. 


When you sign up to be a London Paint Club artist, you get access to apply to exclusive Online and Popup Exhibitions in London. By becoming a member, you upload your artwork once, and then select which exhibitions you want to apply for when they are announced. All Open Call applications are free to apply to for members. 

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After the successful launch of our popup exhibition in London, Selects: Vol. 1 – We are continuing to host Popup Exhibitions throughout the year in London featuring artists selected from the membership. By becoming a member, your work is being seen by our team and audience, giving you the opportunity to exhibit and sell your work in a gallery in central London. 




Join our Artist Membership program to apply

deadline: 30 June, 2022

Print Catalogue

For each exhibition we create a high quality print publication that features your artwork and artist bio. Our catalogues are printed professionally and shipped directly to you after the exhibition. All of our print catalogues are also for sale to our audience. 

Welcome Gift

Each member receives a welcome gift that includes a London Paint Club Tote Bag, the current monthly Exhibition Guide PDF, and access to our private community. You will be able to  upload your artwork, get feedback, and learn more about upcoming events, exhibition openings, and opportunities. 

Instagram + Members Page

Selected artworks will be uploaded on our Instagram account.

All of our new members will have their artwork uploaded on the New Members Page on our website. 

Exhibition Guide

Receive the monthly Exhibition Guide straight to your inbox, with weekly updates on new exhibitions opening in London. 

The London Paint Club Exhibition Guide is the most comprehensive guide for Contemporary Painting Exhibitions in London. Learn more about what’s on in an easy to use digital PDF guide. By becoming a member, you will receive an updated PDF every week, delivered straight to your inbox. 

Whether you’re just starting out in your career and looking to gain exposure, or you are already established and want to sell more work – being part of the London Paint Club community allows you to network with passionate artists from around the world. 

Annual membership

  • Access to Exhibitions
  • New Members Page
  • LPC Tote Bag
  • Monthly Exhibition Guide
  • Print Publications
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Eligible to be featured on social media


As a new member, there is an annual membership fee of £80. Additional fees may be applicable if you are selected for an exhibition. 

How it Works

1. After subscribing you will receive a welcome gift that includes a London Paint Club Tote Bag + Exhibition Guide PDF

2. We email you a simple form to submit your artwork.

We review all of the applications and add your work and artist details to our database. 

3. Your work is uploaded to our New Members page on our website.

All of our new members will have 1 artwork uploaded to a dedicated page on our website. We also promote new members in our monthly email newsletter, and selected artworks will be uploaded on our social media platforms. 

4. You are automatically eligible to apply for the next upcoming Online and Popup Exhibitions.

We will send out updates and exclusive opportunities directly to our members on a regular basis. We will be hosting Online and Popup Exhibitions throughout the year

5. Join the Community

Join the private Facebook group and receive updates through email. The community is a great way to keep in touch with fellow artists, upload works in progress, get feedback and have critiques for your work. It is also a space where new exhibitions and upcoming events will be announced. Welcome to the LPC artist community!

what our artists have to say

Christopher MacNeil
Christopher MacNeil@cmc.reversepainting
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"Participating in Spring Awakening was a thoroughly encouraging and enjoyable experience for me. Kelly is phenomenal to work with. I am amazed by her ability to work on behalf of so many artists concurrently. She was always quick to update anything to fit my preferences and we engaged in meaningful and candid exchanges about how to best present myself and my work. She did an outstanding job of publishing our work to social media and the virtual exhibition was a wonderful presentation format. The choice of artists was eclectic, unique and top notch. I highly recommend any artist to submit to LPC and to seek a chance to work with Kelly and this outstanding arts platform."
Lu Villanueva
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"I enjoyed the whole process: the communication (fast and clear), the social media was also great (credits and text) and especially the online viewing room (clean, honest and professional). Overall I was very happy to be part of the exhibition."
Alice Cescatti
Alice Cescatti@alicecescattiartist
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"It was such a pleasure to be a part of the London Paint Club Spring Awakening Exhibition. Through discovering LPC on instagram and seeing the wonderful, inspiring paintings posted on your page, by taking part in the exhibition I felt part of a bigger artistic community and discovered some amazing artists and their work. I also gained a broader platform for my work and connected and interacted with fellow artists involved in the show."
Alison McWhirter
Alison McWhirter@alisonmcwhirter
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I have really enjoyed the experience of exhibiting with London Paint Club. The curated exhibitions are timely and meaningful and have helped me to feel part of a Painters community. The experience has also helped my work reach an international audience. Kelly is so supportive and enthusiastic and is a treat to work with. Thank you!
Graham Harwood
Graham Harwood@grahamcharlesharwood
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"I was excited to see London Paint Club in my Instagram feed and find their great website with an exhibition archive, listings, directory and Gallery viewing rooms. My experience of submitting work for the ‘Open Call’ and then working with them to finalize my submission was an interesting and enjoyable one. The resulting exhibition was diverse and painters from all over the planet were involved. If you're passionate about painting, here is your opportunity to be part of something good and connect with other Artists and Collectors from around the world."


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