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Bae Yoon Hwan

b. 1983, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul, Korea Bae Yoon Hwan’s pictorial storytelling stems from political incidents, stories, fables and his personal experiences. By selectively employing images from a constant outpouring of media images or some art-historical pictures considered as classics, Bae juxtaposes and contrasts abundant tales in order to transform them into ceaseless …

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Xander Hoffman

@xanderhoffman Xander Hoffman (b. 1993) based in Manchester, studied Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2019. His work is an exploration into screen based imagery through the medium of painting, working primarily in oil paint but occasionally using other materials such as retro-reflective paints and pigments. He seeks to record …

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Work Enquiry