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Tj Boulting – Boo Saville: Ma

(6 May – 25 June, 2022) TJ Boulting is proud to present our fifth solo show with Boo Saville. Ma is her most personal show to date, incorporating her renowned colour field paintings and detailed drawings with a narrative that draws on her own reflections on motherhood and journey of involuntary childlessness.

Cob Gallery – Group Exhibition: Apotrope

(9 June – 16 July, 2022) Cob Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition of work by Tomas Harker, Mia Middleton, Jack Jubb and Caroline Zurmely. Borrowing its name from the Greek word meaning to ward off or avert evil, ‘Apotrope’ brings together four artists who share an understanding of painting as an alchemical process: a material transformation that invests its subjects with magical energy.

CASSIUS&Co. – Studies and Exercises

(15 June – 28 August, 2022) CASSIUS&Co. is delighted to present Studies and Exercises, an exhibition of works on paper by Balthus, Alvaro Barrington, Raphael Egil, Petrit Halilaj, Gabriel Orozco, Sigmar Polke, Kaoli Mashio, Dorothea Stiegemann and Yoshifusa Utagawa.

Gagosian (Grosvenor Hill) – Haunted Surrealism

(9 June – 26 August, 2022) Haunted Realism is a group exhibition featuring the work of more than thirty artists. Its specific focus is a sense that the aspirations of modernity are now “lost futures”—perceptible only as ghostlike traces of their original formulations.

Kate MacGarry – Laura Gannon

(24 June – 23 July, 2022) New painted works on linen occupy the main space of the gallery. These works feature punctures, apertures and interwoven elements painted in bold, simple inks and acrylic. They oscillate between sculpture and painting.

Vigo Gallery – Ibrahim El-Salahi: Black and White

(23 June – 26 August, 2022) 91-year-old Ibrahim El-Salahi’s Black and White works on paper from 2012 have never been exhibited before. They were completed in the lead up to his solo show at Tate Modern, when he became the first African artist to be honoured with a Solo Retrospective. These works show the Godfather of African Art at his best with a confidence of line reflecting over seventy years of creating his surreal multilayered visions.

Timothy Taylor – A Thing for the Mind

(7 July – 19 August, 2022) We’re delighted to announce our summer group exhibition, A Thing for the Mind. Taking one of Guston’s most celebrated paintings – his 1978 masterpiece Story – as the heart of the exhibition, A Thing for the Mind presents work by twelve contemporary artists whose work continues to be influenced by Guston’s ideas: Louise Bonnet, George Condo, Woody de Othello, Carroll Dunham, Armen Eloyan, Maria Lassnig, Chris Martin, Eddie Martinez, Daisy Parris, Walter Price, George Rouy, and Antonia Showering. As Guston declared of his artistic credo, paraphrasing Leonardo da Vinci: ‘A painting should be a thing for the mind.’

Unit London – Sign Systems

(6 July – 6 August, 2022) Sign Systems explores the intersection between text and image in contemporary art. Deriving its name from the field of semiotics, which studies the concept of representation and the creation of meaning, the exhibition draws on the relationship between verbal and visual language.
Featuring: Allison Reimus, Anna Liber Lewis, Ed Ruscha, Hank Willis Thomas, Jenny Holzer, John Giorno, Kay Rosen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Marcel van Eeden, Mukesh Shah, Sam Durant.

Lisson Gallery – Antonio Calderara: From Lake Orta

(6 July – 20 August, 2022) The Italian artist Antonio Calderara’s career was marked by his gradual journey towards abstraction, although his earlier work was resolutely figurative, consisting of self-portraits, landscapes of the lake around the island of San Giulio in northern Italy and still life paintings. Lisson Gallery has, for the first time, gathered and loaned a number of these overtly representational, mid-century works, many of which have not been exhibited in public before, to chart the trajectory of his radical move towards a flattening and simplification of the world, while acknowledging that figures and objects – whether architectural, pastoral, domestic, personal or otherwise – would always somehow maintain a ghostly presence in his compositions.

Lisson Gallery – Christopher Le Brun: Momentarium

(6 July – 20 August, 2022) For the artist’s third exhibition with Lisson Gallery, Christopher Le Brun presents a comprehensive show that can be seen as a culmination of his work to date. The exhibition features some of his most ambitious work, including monumental triptychs and diptychs, providing an opportunity to see the development of modular compositions from singular pieces through to large and highly complex canvases.

Aleph Contemporary: Glimpsing the Indefinable

(7 June – 28 July, 2022) This exhibition brings together three women artists, Susannah Fiennes, Eugenie Vronskaya and Lucie Winterson, who have never exhibited together before. Each artist is connected to Nature not only through their abstracted depictions of settings and backgrounds, but practically too, as a place of refuge from the distractions of city life.

Bastian – Edin Zenun: Lullaby for Realville

(15 July – 15 August, 2022) BASTIAN London is delighted to present Lullaby for Realville, the first solo exhibition in London by Edin Zenun. The show is comprised of twenty-six small and medium scale abstract paintings which appropriate, distil, riff-on and assimilate music, utopian political philosophy, art history, lavatory graffiti and music.

Pilar Corrias (Savile Row) – Koo Jeong A: Yong Dong

(14 July – 20 August, 2022) Meaning ‘face of the east’ in Korean, [ YONG DONG ] features a new series of paintings of a red, three-headed eagle – a play on a familiar South Korean amulet that is worn to ward off evil spirits. The exhibition also features new works in the artist’s Seven Stars series of converging and colliding hand-drawn stars.

Sprovieri – Ben Quilty: The Emu Man

(15 July – 30 September, 2022) Sprovieri is delighted to present THE EMU MAN, in collaboration with A3 Arndt Art Agency, Ben Quilty’s debut exhibition at the Gallery. Quilty’s paintings are largely influenced by his experience of contemporary Australian culture, and particularly the drug-and-alcohol imbued culture of his youth; later experiences including political activism and a position as an official war artist have also shaped his practice.

Simon Lee – Machines of Desire

(22 July – 24 August, 2022) How do we find a way to expand the fabric of space and time? Can we defy the physics of reality through the innate drive of desire? Rather than create a world apart from our own, the exhibition Machines of Desire summons a vision of a parallel universe that exists as a palimpsest on our current reality, writing and rewriting the codes of memory and existence through art-making across different generations.

Unit London – Matthew Stone: Virtual Paintings

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Matthew Stone’s debut solo exhibition with Unit London incorporates AI into his unique process for the first time. Virtual Paintings features a series of works on linen, 3D printed sculpture and hand-made wooden furniture. Using repeating imagery across these varying forms, Virtual Paintings charts a network of constellations all united by Stone’s unmistakable and poetic visual language.

Unit London – Heesoo Kim: Normal Life

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Heesoo Kim’s first solo exhibition with Unit London explores our shared contemporary experience through portraiture. In what the artist defines as an “expression of the mundane”, Normal Life is an accumulation of everyday observations. Surrounded by a society that constantly grapples for recognition and success, Kim’s body of work subtly engages with the mild sense of insecurity that is engendered by an achievement driven world.

Coming Up

Oscar Murillo at David Zwirner

Oscar Murillo

Published on the occasion of Murillo’s 2017 solo exhibition at Haus der Kunst in Munich, this volume––the first dedicated overview of his astonishing career to date––presents the artist’s multifaceted practice from every angle.

Philip Guston Now

Philip Guston Now

A long-overdue retrospective of Philip Guston’s influential work, from social realism to abstract expressionism to tragicomic, cartoony figuration.

Tauba Auerbach - S v Z

Tauba Auerbach – S v Z

Part artist’s book, part exhibition catalogue, this book chronicles Tauba Auerbach’s multimedia syntheses of abstraction, science, graphic design and typography.

David Hockney Drawings From Life

David Hockney: Drawing from Life

This book, which accompanies the first major exhibition devoted to David Hockney’s drawings in over 20 years, will explore Hockney as a draughtsman from the 1950s to now, with a focus on himself, his family and friends.

Leon Spilliaert

Léon Spilliaert: 1881 – 1946

Léon Spilliaert (1881-1946) was one of the most important Flemish artists of the twentieth century. This publication accompanies the first major exhibition of his work in the UK

Faith Ringgold Monograph

Faith Ringgold

An affordable introduction to the quilts, paintings and posters of Faith Ringgold, a preeminent chronicler of Black life in America.

Picasso and Paper

Pablo Picasso’s often experimental and at times revolutionary use of paper is the subject of this major study, published to accompany an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London (25 January – 13 April 2020) and the Cleveland Museum of Art (24 May – 23 August 2020).

Luc Tuymans Intolerance cover

Luc Tuymans: Intolerance

Spanning some thirty years, Luc Tuymans’ exhibition, “Intolerance,” speaks to certain abiding preoccupations the Belgian painter has long mined in counterpoint with a rapidly changing world.


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