Closing This Week

Skarstedt – Marco Pariani: Inflatables

(26 May – 8 July, 2022) In Pariani’s paintings, the lines in oil and spray paint converge and superimpose to form images of striking vibrancy. Rendered in layers against the haptic ground, the raw shapes at times evoke figures and faces, as if suspended between the abstract and familiar.

Goodman Gallery – Mikhael Subotzky: Epilogue

(8 June – 9 July, 2022) Goodman Gallery presents Epilogue – Mikhael Subotzky’s first solo exhibition in London. Epilogue brings together a new body of work in which the artist continues his critical engagement with the instability of images and the politics of representation.

Sapling – Yulia Iosilzon: FROGSPAWN

(10 June – 9 July, 2022) Sapling is pleased to present Frogspawn, a solo exhibition of new paintings and ceramics by Yulia Iosilzon. Responding to an original short story by the curator Sonja Teszler, the artist combines inspiration from this fresh literary source with her distinctive visual vocabulary to open a portal onto a subversive fantasy world. Sapling is treating the exhibition space as a marshland, inviting the artist to populate the gallery with paintings and ceramics of her creatures emerging from the water.

Pilar Corrias (Both Locations)– Robert Reed: Plum Nellie and Galactic Journal Series

(9 June – 9 July, 2022) The show presents work from two of the six distinct series in the artist’s oeuvre: Plum Nellie and Galactic Journal. Articulated over a number of large canvases and smaller monotypes, drawings and collages, the Plum Nellie series, begun in the early 1970s, holds strict forms in playful counterpoint. A selection of larger works was presented in Reed’s eponymous 1973 solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery – Wendimagegn Belete: Codeswitch

(11 June – 9 July, 2022) For his latest solo exhibition, Codeswitch, at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London Bridge, Belete continues his explorations into history, and the concept of epigenetic inheritance – of memories that transfer over generations and permeate our present – by focusing, primarily, on the politics of mark-making, in relation to art, but also to the body and landscape.

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