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Opening This Week

Simon Lee – Michelangelo Pistoletto

(26 May – 2 June, 2022) Pistoletto’s signature mirror paintings use the reflective picture plane to draw both viewer and environment into the work, thereby establishing an active relationship between artwork and spectator, while simultaneously creating a virtual space in which art and life can seamlessly interact.

Almine Rech – Lily Stockman: A Green Place

(25 May – 30 July, 2022) Somewhere along the vertical axis of most of Lily Stockman’s paintings lies the suggestion of a dividing line, if not some length of a line itself. This makes a painting’s two sides roughly symmetrical.

Huxley-Parlour – Ruth Laskey: Circles

(25 May – 18 June, 2022) For her debut exhibition with Huxley-Parlour and her first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom, Ruth Laskey presents a suite of seven new weavings from her Twill Series: a sustained exploration of form, colour, and process that has defined fifteen years of artistic production. Her latest body of work, entitled Twill Series (Circles), comprises seven of Laskey’s largest weavings to date, each featuring three distinctly coloured circular motifs within a larger rectilinear colourfield.

Skarstedt – Marco Pariani: Inflatables

(26 May – 8 July, 2022) In Pariani’s paintings, the lines in oil and spray paint converge and superimpose to form images of striking vibrancy. Rendered in layers against the haptic ground, the raw shapes at times evoke figures and faces, as if suspended between the abstract and familiar.

Closing This Week

Studio West – Anthony Laurencin & Roland Lawar: AS SEEN BY ME

(6 May – 26 May, 2022) STUDIO WEST is pleased to present As Seen By Me, a duo exhibition co-curated by gallery Director Caroline Boseley and Bolanle Tajudeen, founder of Black Blossoms, which showcases contemporary Black women and non-binary artists and the Black Blossoms School of Art and Culture, an online learning platform decolonising art education. The show brings together paintings and sculptures by two British artists Roland Lawar and Anthony Laurencin. The exhibition title, taken directly from Lawar’s writing, speaks to the central themes of each artists’ practice: perception, personal interpretation, lived experience, and materiality.

Vigo Gallery (Mason’s Yard) – Johnny Abrahams: You & I Are Earth, 1661

(4 May – 27 May, 2022) VIGO is pleased to announce our fifth solo show with Johnny Abrahams to be held at our gallery in Masons Yard from 17-23 May 2022. Deceptively simple, these paintings present a unique vocabulary of satisfying meditative yet rhythmic shapes rendered with a rich texture which plays strongly with the negative space of the raw canvas.

Goodman Gallery – Ghada Amer: My Body, My Choice

(4 May – 28 May, 2022) Goodman Gallery presents My Body, My Choice – Ghada Amer’s first solo show in London in twenty years. The exhibition brings together a new body of work, including Amer’s signature thread and canvas paintings as well as sculptures and a garden installation, never before realised in the UK.

Goodman Gallery – Remy Jungerman: Fault Lines

(4 May – 28 May, 2022) Fault Lines is an exhibition of new work by Remy Jungerman, marking the Dutch artist’s first solo presentation in the UK. Across his practice, Jungerman draws parallels between the geometric patterns of textiles indigenous to Maroon culture and to Modernism, particularly the Dutch strain epitomized by Piet Mondrian.

What's On

JD Malat – Ming Ying: Society Acts: I-IV

(11 May – 6 June, 2022) JD Malat Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition Society: Acts I – IV by emerging Chinese artist Ming Ying, opening today. Ming’s work looks to the many moments one experiences living in an era where status and image have become increasingly important. From flashy social scenes, to the mundane acts of day to day life, she explores themes of loneliness, desire, and identity in an effort to encourage viewers to reflect on who they are in today’s society.

Sadie Coles HQ (Bury St) – William N. Copley

(5 May – 18 June, 2022) This May, Sadie Coles HQ presents a solo exhibition of drawings by William N. Copley, marking the first presentation of his works on paper in the UK to date, along with a seminal painting from 1965, Philosophie dans le boudoir. Dating primarily from the 1980s and early ‘90s – the final decade of his life – the works on paper mark the zenith of Copley’s drawing practice, reanimating ideas and motifs that he began to employ in the 1950s and ‘60s.

V.O Curations – Sandra Poulson: Economy of the Dust

(13 May – 30 June, 2022) Developed during her residency at V.O Curations, ‘Economy of the Dust’ will present a series of new works, which draw from the artist’s personal experience of growing up in Luanda — speaking to the social and economic landscape of the city, and reflecting upon its accidental gifts.

PACE – Robert Nava: Thunderbolt Disco

(13 May – 25 June, 2022) Pace Gallery is pleased to announce Thunderbolt Disco, Robert Nava’s first exhibition in the UK. Taking over the entirety of Pace’s Hanover Square gallery, this exhibition showcases new paintings by the American artist in his distinctive visual lexicon of fantastical characters and forms.

Hauser & Wirth – Luchita Hurtado

(13 May – 30 July, 2022) Featuring previously unseen works from Hurtado’s Sky Skin series, this exhibition centres on the artist’s pursuit of the other worldly and a broader reflection on life and death.

Timothy Taylor – Alex Katz: Chippies

(13 May – 25 June, 2022) Alex Katz is a towering figure in contemporary art, internationally recognised for his singular ability to distil disparate elements of the culture – from the gestural power of abstract painting and Modernist poetry to the bold colours of mid-century cinema and advertising – into vibrant depictions of modern life.

Gazelli Art House – Perle Fine

(20 May – 25 June, 2022) Represented by the gallery, this will be Fine’s second exhibition with Gazelli Art House – and will encompass a range of historic works starting from the early 1940s to the late 1980s.

Carl Kostyál – Sun Woo: Invisible Sensations

(13 May – 11 June, 2022) In Invisible Sensations, Sun Woo directs her attention to these unseen constraints and frailties encountered by both our bodies and social bodies, clouded by the reflective surface of technology.

BASTIAN – Emil Nolde: Anatomy of Light and Water

(6 May – 30 June, 2022) BASTIAN London is delighted to announce, Emil Nolde — Anatomy of Light and Water. The presentation, which runs from 6 May to 30 June 2022, is comprised of 17 seascapes executed in watercolour by the artist between 1920 and 1946 in the region of Seebüll near the German-Danish border, where the artist spent most of his summer months.

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