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Timothy Taylor – A Thing for the Mind

(7 July – 19 August, 2022) We’re delighted to announce our summer group exhibition, A Thing for the Mind. Taking one of Guston’s most celebrated paintings – his 1978 masterpiece Story – as the heart of the exhibition, A Thing for the Mind presents work by twelve contemporary artists whose work continues to be influenced by Guston’s ideas: Louise Bonnet, George Condo, Woody de Othello, Carroll Dunham, Armen Eloyan, Maria Lassnig, Chris Martin, Eddie Martinez, Daisy Parris, Walter Price, George Rouy, and Antonia Showering. As Guston declared of his artistic credo, paraphrasing Leonardo da Vinci: ‘A painting should be a thing for the mind.’

Vigo Gallery – Ibrahim El-Salahi: Black and White

(23 June – 26 August, 2022) 91-year-old Ibrahim El-Salahi’s Black and White works on paper from 2012 have never been exhibited before. They were completed in the lead up to his solo show at Tate Modern, when he became the first African artist to be honoured with a Solo Retrospective. These works show the Godfather of African Art at his best with a confidence of line reflecting over seventy years of creating his surreal multilayered visions.

Gagosian (Grosvenor Hill) – Haunted Surrealism

(9 June – 26 August, 2022) Haunted Realism is a group exhibition featuring the work of more than thirty artists. Its specific focus is a sense that the aspirations of modernity are now “lost futures”—perceptible only as ghostlike traces of their original formulations.

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