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Bosse & Baum – May Hands: All That is Left

(28 May – 2 July, 2022) Bosse & Baum is pleased to present All That is Left, a solo exhibition of wall-based works by British artist May Hands, containing hand built ceramic forms, woven and crocheted textile fragments, naturally dyed surfaces and detritus from everyday consumption.

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What's On

Collective Ending – Niccolo Binda and Donal Sturt: Meal Deal

(28 May – 17 June, 2022) Collective Ending presents Meal Deal, a two-person exhibition of new work by Niccolo Binda and Donal Sturt. Inspired by our 2021 exhibition ‘Old Friends, New Friends’, we recently ran our first internal open call, inviting artists whom we have previously worked with to submit proposals for intimate, two-person exhibitions that paired their practice with that of an artist we haven’t exhibited before. Celebrating and spotlighting those artists who continue to excite and inspire us, whilst allowing us to ever-expand our extended community of emerging artists, Meal Deal is the first exhibition selected collectively from those submissions.

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (Wandsworth) – Sara Berman & Luella Bartley: Armoured

(11 May – 11 June, 2022) Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery is delighted to present the first exhibition by artists Sara Berman and Luella Bartley running from 11 May – 11 June 2022. The title, Armoured, is taken from a poem by fashion curator Judith Clark and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips, which inspired the two artists. Their show includes new works by Berman and Bartley, whose practices explore the female experience, specifically in relation to the body and space.

South Parade – Siggi Sekira: Parties to cover the silence

(12 May – 18 June, 2022) Known for her work with ceramics and coloured pencil drawings; they create the shared ground of her interior and external world. This creative space draws on her childhood, Ukrainian mythology, the 1900 Wiener Werkstatte movement (Vienna Workshop), Soviet avant-garde, and the spread of Western pop-culture after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Cecilia Brunson Projects – David Batchelor | Alfredo Volpi

(11 May – 11 June, 2022) We are delighted to present a joint exhibition by David Batchelor (b. 1955, Dundee) and Alfredo Volpi (1896 – 1988, São Paulo). This show celebrates Batchelor’s long relationship with Latin American art, and Brazilian art in particular.

Sim Smith – Tim Garwood: Horatiu Bolder

(7 May – 11 June, 2022) The exhibition is an exploration of gestural abstraction on Garwood’s terms. His relentless curiosity spans a rich and diverse practice that explores a colourful and vigorously gestural world of paint and a love of objects acquired from outside of his studios, resulting in multiple mediums of choice.

The Sunday Painter – Cynthia Daignault: Xanadu

(4 May – 4 June) The Sunday Painter is pleased to present Xanadu, the third solo show by Cynthia Daignault at the gallery. In Xanadu, Daignault shows oil paintings on paper, hung salon-style, and affixed flush to the wall. These are her first works painted on paper, and Daignault creates flat paintings, a step closer to their virtual references.

Studio Voltaire – Maeve Gilmore

(11 May – 17 July, 2022) The first institutional exhibition of Maeve Gilmore (b. 1917–d. 1983, London, UK).
Maeve Gilmore was a painter, writer and illustrator, and much of her work was autobiographical.

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