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Fawad Malik

b.1968, Lahore, Pakistan. Lives and works in San Jose, California, USA

Fawad Malik has exhibited in multiple group and solo exhibitions in the US and Pakistan. Malik’s work explores the beauty in breakdown and the chaos of everyday life. His paintings are an exploration of emotions and aim to condense feelings of spontaneity, urgency, ambivalence, intuition and instinct. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Malik creates paintings that are raw with emotion and feelings that have the power to stand the test of time. As a healthcare worker with a Post Doctorate degree from Stanford University School of Medicine, Malik’s work in mental health plays a crucial role in his work as an artist.

Fawad Malik

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2019 – Articulation, Sugarland, Eye for Art, Houston, TX 
  • 2014 – Ode to Impressionism, Manor House Galleries, Belmont, CA

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

  • 2020 – Wonderment, Twin Pines Art Center, Belmont, CA 
  • 2018 – Visions of Nature, Art Center at Twin Pines, Belmont, CA
  • 2017 – Art spoken, Art Center at the Manor House, Belmont, CA
  • 2016 – Art of Pakistan, Marriot Sugarland, Houston, TX
  • 2016 – Colored Canvas, the Manor House Art Galleries, Belmont, CA
  • 2015 – Kaleidoscope, Art Center at the Manor House, Belmont, CA
  • 2015 – Their Works, Twin Pines Art Center, Belmont, CA
  • 2014 – Modern Art & Contemporary Art, Eye for Art, New York, NY 
  • 2014 – Silicon Valley Open Studios, Twin Pines Art Center, Belmont, CA
  • 2013 – Salon De Refuses, Gualala Art Salon, Sea Ranch CA

Awards & Residencies

  • 2013 – Poppyville, 2nd place, Salon De Refuses, Gualala Art Salon, Sea Ranch
  • 2012 – River flows, Constellation prize, Indus colors, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


Held in private collections in the USA, Finland, UK and Pakistan


  • Martha Safra: 2008 – present, Mentor, Educator & Instructor, Belmont, CA
  • Ruth Waters: 2009 – present, Mentor, Peninsula Museum of Art, Burlingame, CA
  • Ira Yeager: 2013, Instructor, San Francisco & Sea Ranch, CA
  • Mike Kirschel: 2007-2009, Instructor, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA

Works by Fawad Malik

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