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Opening This Week

Goldsmiths CCA – Hadi Fallahpisheh: As Free As Birds

(13 August – 18 September, 2022) Goldsmiths CCA is excited to present the first institutional solo exhibition in Europe by Hadi Fallahpisheh. Working across painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, performance and installation, Fallahpisheh weaves a narrative that is part-allegory, part-fable

Goldsmiths CCA – Trevor Mathison: From Signal To Decay: Volume 1

(13 August – 18 September, 2022) Goldsmiths CCA is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by composer, artist and sound designer Trevor Mathison. From Signal to Decay: Volume 1 is his first solo exhibition in a UK institution and comprises an ambitious sound installation, an archival presentation of graphic work, video, and live performance.

Unit London – Heesoo Kim: Normal Life

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Heesoo Kim’s first solo exhibition with Unit London explores our shared contemporary experience through portraiture. In what the artist defines as an “expression of the mundane”, Normal Life is an accumulation of everyday observations. Surrounded by a society that constantly grapples for recognition and success, Kim’s body of work subtly engages with the mild sense of insecurity that is engendered by an achievement driven world.

Unit London – Matthew Stone: Virtual Paintings

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Matthew Stone’s debut solo exhibition with Unit London incorporates AI into his unique process for the first time. Virtual Paintings features a series of works on linen, 3D printed sculpture and hand-made wooden furniture. Using repeating imagery across these varying forms, Virtual Paintings charts a network of constellations all united by Stone’s unmistakable and poetic visual language.

Closing This Week

Kristin Hjellegjerde (London Bridge) – Forrest Kirk: Temple Run

(14 July – 13 August, 2022) Glinting with gold and rendered in vivid hues of red, green, brown and white, heavily textured forms shift between figuration and abstraction, simultaneously captivating and eluding the gaze. These works are part of an arresting new body of work by Los Angeles-based artist Forrest Kirk whose painting practice incorporates a wide range of media to create bold sculptural surfaces.

Hannah Barry Gallery – Sholto Blissett: Ship of Fools

(2 July – 13 August, 2022 ) Presenting a new body of work that pushes the physical and psychological stature of his visual language, this exhibition continues his exploration of the aesthetics of “Nature” and how our contemporary moment continues to challenge the ways in which we have historically chosen to understand our place in society and in the natural world. Composed of twelve paintings spread across each floor of the gallery, the exhibition draws from and evolves his previous work to create a rich vision of shifting imaginary landscapes, inhabited by a detailed and uncanny mosaic of architectural, marine and topographical forms. Together these images trace the manufactured and spectral relationship that society continues to have with nature and its place in the natural environment; and with deeper, more profound questions of home, identity and nation.

Cecilia Brunson Projects – Paulo Pasta

(1 July – 12 August, 2022) Paulo Pasta is widely regarded as one of Brazil’s most prolific and accomplished contemporary painters. Over a nearly four-decade-long career, he has committed himself wholeheartedly to the medium of painting. Traversing landscape and abstraction, Pasta has consistently demonstrated his mastery of colour and form on the two-dimensional plane. He is spoken of in Brazil as an artist’s artist. His name will often surface in conversation when speaking to a wide range of current Brazilian painters. They will typically reference him as a mentor, a teacher, or a foundational influence on their generation. Many speak of him as the torchbearer of the country’s strong tradition of artistic pedagogy – a particularly Brazilian expectation that knowledge, technique, and thinking should be passed from one artist to another.

What's On

White Cube (Bermondsey) – Ilana Savdie: In jest

(8 July – 11 September, 2022) White Cube is pleased to present ‘In jest’, an exhibition by Ilana Savdie. Her first solo show in London, it features new large-scale paintings and drawings which explore performance and excess as modes of dissent and resistance. Expanding on the carnaval tradition of her native Colombia, a subject she has worked with in the past, in this group of paintings Savdie introduces theatrical themes relating to the circus through the repeating motifs of a curtain, a hoof, a ball, a hoop (sometimes becoming a hole or portal), and in the suggestion of stretching, hanging and reaching bodies.

White Cube (Bermondsey) – Danica Lundy

(8 July – 11 September, 2022) White Cube is pleased to present ‘Stop Bath’, Danica Lundy’s first solo exhibition in London. Featuring a group of monumental paintings made during the past year, the exhibition demonstrates Lundy’s particular visceral figuration; a sensorial and visionary form which the artist describes as a ‘hyper-reality that shows everything at once’.

White Cube (Bermondsey) – Louise Giovanelli: As If, Almost

(8 July – 11 September, 2022) “White Cube is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Louise Giovanelli, her first with the gallery. Taken from the Latin word ‘quasi’’ to mean ‘as if’, the title of the exhibition suggests images that carry the potential for further narratives and multiple ways of seeing. Giovanelli’s figurative paintings occupy a space somewhere between representation and materiality, exploiting the physical properties of paint to create works that are located in the contemporary yet deeply rooted in the history of the medium.

South London Gallery – The Show is Over

(24 June – 4 September, 2022) This June, the South London Gallery will bring together over fourteen international artists whose work grapples with the language of remapping the architecture of an ever-unfolding afterlife of historical violence, for a major group exhibition, The Show is Over, curated by Gabi Ngcobo Curatorial Director at the Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria (Javett-UP), in dialogue with Oscar Murillo.

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