London Paint Club


Issue no.4 | Fall 2023

London Paint Club Issue no. 4 | Fall 2023 Artists Alexander Ardisson Anna Blom Edmond Caputo Channatip Chanvipava Alastair Gordon Austin Honour Sarah Longworth-West Ryan Orme Ornella Pocetti Afonso Rocha Nika Rubinshtein CiCi Suen Sebastian Supanz Holly Elan Watson Martha Zmpounou Introduction In my three years as a curator, one of the most rewarding aspects …

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Interview with Charlotte Evans

Borrowing from traditions of landscape painting and illustration, Charlotte Evans’ paintings weave together memory and myth to create worlds that are both familiar and strange, comforting and sinister.  These worlds are not unlike those conjured in the moments right before sleep, when your mind wanders and drifts and colours become more vivid, sounds sharpen and smells sweeten, all combining in a flash of clarity before dissolving into sleep.

Interview with Shelby Seu

Shelby Seu paints primarily large-scale portraits that depict the artist, significant people and objects in her life. The subjects of her paintings are immersed in a dreamlike space alongside unique objects that the artist has collected over the years.

Interview with CW Landon

CW Landon looks to shared experiences, immersion in our environment and poetry to provide new ways of thinking about human behaviour in today’s society. Landon incorporates geometric abstractions to explore different architectural spaces and absorb the embedded attitudes of our collective trauma, inward energy and human psyche in his work.

Interview with John Heywood-Waddington

John Heywood-Waddington embraces the traditions and tropes of Western art history, cinematic devices such as the split-screen, poetic sensibilities and photographic references in his work. His paintings suggest narratives through their expressive movement and rhythm, yet remain open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Interview with Rômulo Avi

Brazilian artist Romulo Avi creates intense, colourful, abstract paintings by building up and removing layers of gesso and paint. Avi works with potentiality, an abstract idea which allows him to draw up intuitive structures outside the frameworks of representation. Using unconscious mark making, the surface of Avi’s works is loaded with a vibrational energy charged by opposing colours. His works are a reminder to acknowledge temporary moments and the fleeting nature of life.

Interview with Thomas Cameron

Thomas Cameron captures everyday moments of city street scenes and the psychological landscapes of people that inhabit his paintings. He explores the city, guided mainly by his intuition and interest in the urban environment. Cameron captures beauty in the mundane through a process of exploration, photographing, collecting, editing and painting.

Jane Wheeler

Jane WheelerBorn 1950 in Norwich UK | Lives and works in Fife, Scotland Instagram Artist Website Jane Wheeler creates paintings that emphasise the materiality of paint to express emotions in response to being in a location. For this latest series of works, Wheeler creates abstract paintings that contemplate the landscape of Assynt in the far …

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Tweety Shiwen Wang

Tweety Shiwen WangBorn 1995 in Shanghai, China | Lives and works in London, UK Instagram Tweety Shiwen Wang’s paintings are concerned with the concept of dusk as an ominous, empty space. The work creates an atmosphere of hidden cues that explore the mysterious nature of imagination. The artist views the gap between dusk and night …

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