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West London

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Unit London – Heesoo Kim: Normal Life

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Heesoo Kim’s first solo exhibition with Unit London explores our shared contemporary experience through portraiture. In what the artist defines as an “expression of the mundane”, Normal Life is an accumulation of everyday observations. Surrounded by a society that constantly grapples for recognition and success, Kim’s body of work subtly engages with the mild sense of insecurity that is engendered by an achievement driven world.

Unit London – Matthew Stone: Virtual Paintings

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Matthew Stone’s debut solo exhibition with Unit London incorporates AI into his unique process for the first time. Virtual Paintings features a series of works on linen, 3D printed sculpture and hand-made wooden furniture. Using repeating imagery across these varying forms, Virtual Paintings charts a network of constellations all united by Stone’s unmistakable and poetic visual language.

Closing This Week

Tiwani Contemporary – Gareth Nyandoro and Mostaff Muchawaya: Forever Etched On My Mind

(19 July – 13 August, 2022) The exhibition is a psychogeographical portrait of the town Ruwa, in Harare Province, Zimbabwe where both artists live and work. In their inimitable ways, Nyandoro and Muchawaya’s practices are committed to capturing the actions, mood and thought of life there; depicting the everyday struggle, tenacity and enterprise of its permanent and transitory communities, who are working and living in challenging economic circumstances.

What's On

Lehmann Maupin – Billy Childish: where the black water slid

(22 June – 3 September, 2022) An exhibition of new work from the British painter, printmaker, musician, photographer, and writer. Including a live residency
In addition to his paintings, works on paper, and multiples, Childish has produced hundreds of albums of music and numerous volumes of fiction and poetry. As a painter, Childish works quickly and intuitively, often creating his kinetic compositions in a single session without any revision.

CASSIUS&Co. – Studies and Exercises

(15 June – 28 August, 2022) CASSIUS&Co. is delighted to present Studies and Exercises, an exhibition of works on paper by Balthus, Alvaro Barrington, Raphael Egil, Petrit Halilaj, Gabriel Orozco, Sigmar Polke, Kaoli Mashio, Dorothea Stiegemann and Yoshifusa Utagawa.

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