London Paint Club

What's Included

Next Upcoming Exhibition Open Call: June, 2022

1. Exhibit 3 Artworks

  • Select three artworks that you would like to exhibit in the group exhibition online viewing room
  • Additional photographs of each work for size, scale and detail shots
  • Direct enquiry buttons for each artwork 
  • We take 0% commission and forward all enquiries directly to you

2. Individual Artist Profile

  • Artist Portrait 
  • Artist Bio 
  • Artist Statement 
  • Contact info with link to website and social media

3. Exhibition Catalogue

  • Receive a digital PDF of the exhibition catalogue
  • Receive a printed catalogue, shipped directly to you after the exhibition.

4. Social Media Promotion

  • Instagram post with artworks, artist portrait and bio
  • Instagram stories and post featured in guide 
  • Post on Facebook
  • Email newsletters to our subscriber list

5. Private Facebook Group

Receive an invitation to our private Facebook group for LPC artists. Connect with other artists, upload your work and receive feedback. Have you work promoted after the exhibition ends, and learn about new artists opportunities. 

6. Sell your work

We receive enquiries from buyers across the globe who are passionate about Contemporary Painting. We will promote your artwork and encourage buyers to contact you directly to sell your work straight from your studio. We don’t charge a commission and we actively promote our artists even after the exhibition ends. 

How it works

1. Sign up to our membership program

2. We send you a simple application form online.

3. We review your application.

We review all of the applications after the submission deadline and make our final selection.

4. If successful, we contact you directly.

If we feel like your work is a good fit for London Paint Club – we email you at the email address you provided and share with you a link to reserve your spot.

5. We work directly with you to get everything ready.

We will send you detailed instructions on how to upload your work and what information you will need to provide. 

6. Exhibiting with LPC online

The exhibition will feature your artwork and your artist bio. You will also receive an invitation to join the private Facebook group. After the exhibition, we will send you a digital copy of the catalogue, along with a print copy in the mail. We will promote the exhibition via our social media and email subscribers list. If your work receives an enquiry, we will let you know as soon as possible. Welcome to the LPC artist community!


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