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Customised art critiques via Zoom with our Founder, Kelly Foster.

Artist Session:

Katie Fiszman

In our latest artist interview, we sit down with Katie Fiszman to delve into the intricate layers that compose her creative process. Fiszman begins her artistic journey with initial sketches that focus on capturing spontaneous visual elements. As she transitions from sketch to painting, these elements evolve into an intimate dialogue that reflects her quest for autonomy and balance.

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Work with me directly

You will work directly with our founder, Kelly Foster remotely via Zoom.

  • Arrange a free 15 min call via whatsapp to learn more about how we can work together. 
  • Based on our call, we can plan ahead and work on your specific goals. 
  • Select a time that works with your schedule
  • Flexibility: have a call remotely through Zoom
  • Receive feedback and notes from our session

Artist Benefits

Tailored sessions propelling your creative career forward

Remote Mentoring Sessions

  • Select a convenient time that works with your schedule. 
  • We will send you prep questions ahead of time. 

Interactive Dialogue

  • The session is informal, yet focused and tailored to your specific work. 
  • We will guide the conversations organically and ask insightful questions. 
  • Our goal is to help you reveal the genuine essence of your artistic practice. 

Constructive Feedback

  • The session is transcribed and carefully edited 
  • The feedback is supplemented with additional notes and thoughts for your artistic contemplation. 

Amplified Understanding

  • Our goal is to have an interesting conversation that will provide you with useful material to benefit your career moving forward. 
  • Sometimes you need to talk through your ideas with the right person to unlock new ways of thinking. 

How Does it Work?

1. Book a session online

2. Receive confirmation email

3. Reserve a time slot for call online

4. Upload your work to Dropbox

5. I will generate my initial observations and questions

6. We have our 45-50 minute Zoom call

7. I transcribe our conversation

8. Provide you with the edited conversation, notes, personalised feedback and ideas.

9. If we agree that your work would be a good fit for London Paint Club - I will consider publishing your work on our website and social media channels.

Recent Work

Artist Studio Visits, Interviews and Social Media Features

Interview with Yaya Yajie Liang

Yaya Yajie Liang’s paintings are brightly coloured depictions of imaginative figures, animals, objects and gestures. Liang explores sensations and psychological ideas such as control, power dynamics and dreams. Liang’s abstract paintings are informed by traditional Chinese painting techniques and philosophy that incorporate metaphorical signifiers and investigations of the Rhizome Network Theory.

Interview with Thomas Cameron

Thomas Cameron captures everyday moments of city street scenes and the psychological landscapes of people that inhabit his paintings. He explores the city, guided mainly by his intuition and interest in the urban environment. Cameron captures beauty in the mundane through a process of exploration, photographing, collecting, editing and painting.

Interview with CW Landon

CW Landon looks to shared experiences, immersion in our environment and poetry to provide new ways of thinking about human behaviour in today’s society. Landon incorporates geometric abstractions to explore different architectural spaces and absorb the embedded attitudes of our collective trauma, inward energy and human psyche in his work.

Interview with Tweety Shiwen Wang

Tweety Shiwen Wang’s paintings are concerned with the concept of dusk as an ominous, empty space. The work creates an atmosphere of hidden cues that explore the mysterious nature of imagination.

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