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Jeffly Molina
Born 1989 in San Cristobal, Venezuela
Lives and works in Chicago, USA

Jeffly Gabriela Molina is a Venezuelan artist based in Chicago who seeks to understand how one’s experiences shape their identity. Her recent paintings serve as a survey of people and events that have influenced her life, drawing upon memories and experiences from her childhood in Venezuela, as well as her adult life in the United States.

Through her work, Molina aims to highlight the interconnectedness of our experiences, showing how the past continues to inform and shape the present. Molina’s paintings feature a rich tapestry of imagery that spans different times and places, providing a personal and intimate glimpse into her own history and identity. Some of the images in her work are from a time that she never knew, from a Venezuela of yesterday, where her parents grew up in a family not yet dispersed as a result of the dictatorship. Others are inspired by her present-day experiences, particularly her marriage and work in the United States. These paintings are a celebration of the complexity of human identity, demonstrating how our experiences – both personal and collective – come together to create who we are.

Through her artwork, Molina invites the viewer to contemplate their own personal histories and the people and events that have shaped their own identity. Her paintings serve as a mirror, reflecting back to us the complex and multilayered nature of our own lives and the ways in which we become who we are. By exploring the relationship between the past, present, and future, Molina’s work provides a platform for reflection and introspection, offering insights into the human experience that are both personal and universal.

Selected Works

How One Becomes What One Is, 2023
Oil on linen
157.48 x 127 cm

Homemade Sculpture No. 7, 2023
Oil on linen
35.56 x 35.56 cm

Two Women Boxing, 2021
Oil on linen
148 x 137 cm

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