London Paint Club

Fresh Perspectives: pt. 2

London Paint Club: Open Call

8 February - 8 March 2021

London Paint Club Exhibition Open Call
Simay Keles - Dream I, 2019 - Acrylic on canvas - 60x50cm © The Artist


London Paint Club

London Paint Club is thrilled to announce the inaugural group exhibition of artists selected from our Open Call.

London Paint Club was delighted to receive a high volume of applications from different countries around the world. The overall positive response from artists with different styles, ideas and themes resulted in a vibrant exhibition of talented painters from all different career levels. The title of the exhibition, Fresh Perspectives is derived from the idea of a new beginning to the year 2021 – one filled with new ideas, new ways of adapting to our global climate and new forms of exposure for artists in this ever increasingly prominent digital space that has become essential to the way audiences around the world can access and experience art.

London Paint Club was created during the global pandemic in March 2020, and saw the potential and necessity of social media to spread art, ideas and inspiration around the world. Through our exhibition guide, we are able to give more exposure to young galleries as well as global art institutions – bringing the attention of larger audiences to more localised gallery spaces in London. The initiative of our Open Call is an untraditional way to give artists access to our evolving online platform – one that has a direct connection to a passionate, international audience of painting and art market enthusiasts.

Ming Ying

The painting reflects feelings of alienation and vulnerability which arise out of the fact that individuals find themselves distanced from their surroundings in this rapidly changing society. There are two important factors for me to explore in the process of my practice: loneliness and desire, both topics that relate to contemporary society at large. Nowadays, marginalisation, alienation and anxiety prevail in our society. The feeling of these phenomena runs through and is presented in all of my works.

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Simay Keles

Simay Keles is an abstract artist (b. 1988) based in  Hamburg, Germany. 

Recent exhibitions include: Online Group Exhibition “Playground” by Saint Maison, Tokyo, Japan. – November, 2020.  Online Group Show “Summer Tracks” by Programa Taide, Madrid, Spain. – July, 2020. Featured on ARTCONNECT amongst the Top Projects 1-7 June, Berlin, Germany. – May, 2020.  Solo Exhibition – You are High and I am High Too, DenkBar, Hamburg. – January, 2020. New York Art Competitions – Winner of “Inspiration from Isolation”, New York. – September, 2019. 

Instagram: @smykls

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Pauline Brami

Pauline Brami is French of Dutch and Tunisian origins. She is currently finishing her studies at Beaux Arts de Paris, in the Tatiana Trouvé workshop. Her work, through painting, sculpture and installation, focuses on the analogies that exist between the sacred, the human body and geology.

In the series “Courants” she questions the relationship that is woven between the disorganised living and human construction. Hybrid landscapes between artificial architectures and organic proliferation emerge on the surface. In turn, the two dimensions overlap and exchange components. Elaborate herbal fluids propagate over the surface and intermingle with mineral and cold graphite shapes. We can see aerial views of changing geography, fields of human vision or microscopic views of the interior of the body and the cellular world. She seeks to show the loss of reference and the feeling of floating and transparency that exist between these spaces.

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Archie Zan

“I was born in Yugoslavia to a failed artist father who persuaded me to become an architect. In 2015 and after years of designing buildings in London, I eventually left for Paris to become a self-taught artist. Influenced by Bacon and Mušič and with something to prove, I immersed myself into explorative art. Nothing was out of bounds and no mistakes were too big. The isolation from the pandemic allowed me to focus and narrow down a path upon which I could explore deconstruction and displacement using the Gestalt Theory of perception. Classical compositions manipulated sculpturally and gesturally into Contemporary expressive portraits.”

Instagram: @p.archie.zan

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Viktor Fucek

Viktor Fuček’s (b. 1977, Czechoslovakia) work was presented in the Slovak and international context in solo and group exhibitions, including the Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, China, London, New York, and Hong Kong. He was a finalist of the Oskár Čepan Prize for Slovak emerging artists (2015) and the Novum Foundation Prize. He currently lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Instagram: @viktorfucek

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Agnieszka Dziklińska

Agnieszka Dziklińska (b. 1994 Warsaw, Poland) received a Master of Visual Arts with a specialisation in Art Therapy in 2018 from the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. Her work specialises in Marine painting and she has worked with the Polish artist, Marek Sułek.

Instagram: @agnes.rose

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Danny Joe Rose III

Danny Joe Rose III holds a B.F.A from the Art Institute of Dallas. Their work has been included in both national and international group exhibitions. Danny has had solo exhibitions at Jen Mauldin Gallery, Artspace at Untitled, Galleri Urbane, and others. Danny has been an art educator at Oklahoma City University, Chandra Kumala International School, and The Oklahoma Contemporary. Additionally, Danny has been an Artist-in-Residence at Artspace at Untitled, The Guapamacátaro Center, The Moon Mansion Dallas, and Oklahoma City University. Their paintings explore nature and the human experience, viewed through the lens of abstraction.

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Vian Borchert

Vian Borchert is an award-winning contemporary expressionist artist and has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions in the USA and internationally. Her work is held in the private collection of The National Gallery of Art in Amman, Jordan. Vian is a graduate and “Notable Alumni” from the Corcoran College of Art and Design George Washington University, Washington, DC. Vian Borchert’s art has been on exhibit in prestigious places such as the United Nations General Assembly’s Public Lobby Gallery, NYC, and in “Art Basel Miami Beach” Spectrum Miami, 1stdibs Design Center in Chelsea, NYC and the LA Art Show.

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Thierry Tomety

Born in 1993, Thierry Tomety is a Togolese painter and sculptor. “I paint without overthinking, using my hands, sand, and brushes. After this inner visit, I take time to see what my subconscious would have wanted to transmit through that artwork.”

Instagram: @thierrytomety

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Snjezana Cirkovic

“I am self taught abstract artist based in Vienna, Austria. I was born in 1978. My paintings are reflection of my inner self, my feelings and emotions. My love for colors, structure, movements and harmony defines my work. I love to experiment with different painting styles and techniques, but I mainly paint with a palette knife. This kind of painting, where I am applying many layers of colors in different intensity, enables me to express the complexity of the human feelings and emotions presented in my paintings.”

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James Tebbutt

Born 1980 in Northampton, UK. Studied fine art in Coventry, now based back in Northampton.

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Seth Pick

Born 1985, Reading UK – now based in Berlin

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Katie Fiszman

“I’m 42 years old, a ‘late-bloomer’ who left art school abruptly 20 years ago to gain some life experience. And now I’m back. I was born in London, but now live in Wales and despite having visited lots of different countries around the world, I still find myself inspired by the kitchen sink and washing up paraphernalia in my own home. I’d much rather paint it than do it – as in, the washing up. And I’d also much rather be painting than doing IT. I like to think that’s a sign of maturity!”

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Justin N. Kim

Justin N. Kim Born 1989, Incheon, South Korea – now lives in Los Angeles, USA Justin N. Kim is a Korean born painter who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Justin received his MFA degree from California State University, Northridge.


Instagram: @j.nkim

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Weiyang Gao

Born 1993, Langfang, China – now based in Chicago, USA. “I am a Chinese artist who is current a second year painting MFA student at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Being an artist with a multi-cultural background, I have insight into the many ways people have used and abused culture and history to create barriers within the broader spectrum of humanity. My work stands as an opposition to such division. Within my paintings, I build imagery of sacred spaces, devoid of specific religious or spiritual demarkations, in order to allow all audiences a place for spiritual and meditative contemplation.” 

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Juan-Pablo Villacura Vásquez

Juan-Pablo Villacura (b. 1986 Valdivia, Chile) lives in Münster, Germany –  Group exhibitions: 2019 Open to the bottom, Forum for Art and Architecture, Essen 2019 Award_02, Friends of the Art Academy Münster, WestLotto, Münster Solo exhibition: 2020 It’s not a training!, Echtwert Galerie, Münster

Instagram: @hazlosein

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Jason Abma

Jason Abma (b. 1996) lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Abma uses painting, printmaking, and video animation to explore humanity’s possible digital futures and how they pertain to the human condition of our present day.

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Anna Gregor

Born 1993, San Diego, CA – now based in New York City.

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