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contemporary narratives pt. 2

London Paint Club is pleased to present Contemporary Narratives, showcasing the work of 38 artists from around the world. Following the success of our previous Open Call exhibitions, Together Through Painting, Spring Awakening, and Fresh Perspectives, this is the fourth online exhibition celebrating and supporting our global community of contemporary painters. 

As the result of such an outstanding response to our Open Call, the exhibition is displayed in two parts. Contemporary Narratives Pt. 2 features work by 20 international artists from Poland, China, Greece, USA, Peru, India, UK, South Africa, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey, and The Netherlands.  Highlighting issues that continue to motivate painters from around the world – including identity, consumer society, the ecological crisis, historical and political notions, displacement, personal and collective trauma and healing – the selection of Contemporary Narratives represents a diverse range of ideas. Painting continues to be an abundant source of imagination and expression for artists with different styles, processes, materials, and references coming together in this online exhibition, creating a new narrative that transcends physical boundaries and limitations. 

All sales proceeds will go directly to the artist.

Contemporary Narratives Pt. 2

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